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Welcome to Centre for Economic Policy and Development Research (CEPDeR)

Given the current state of the Nigerian nation and many other African countries, Covenant University is proffering workable solutions to facilitate economic development in the continent. This role is being achieved through the concerted and coordinated research activities in the Centre for Economic Policy and Development Research (CEPDeR) – an offshoot of the Department of Economics and Development Studies at Covenant University. CEPDeR is a world-class hub and innovative platform for evidenced-based economic policy research and consultancy. CEPDeR’s development research initiatives are strategically articulated, coordinated, and executed.



CEPDeR has two focal points of applied thematic research and analysis:

  • economic policy
  • development

As such, research endeavours entail inclusive growth solutions to economic problems and development policy issues in all sectors of the economy – Agriculture, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Energy, Health, and Informal Sectors.

Primary Focus

CEPDeR is a hub for institutional research grants and consultancy projects because it primarily:

  • undertakes evidence-based research and analysis towards economic policy making and implementation in Africa
  • finds innovative solutions to economic issues for sustainable growth and development in key sectors of the economy.


Secondary Focus

The secondary focus of CEPDeR are:

  • Training and capacity development
  • Provision of consultancy services and policy suggestions in the public and private sectors
  • Providing platforms for contributing to national and global economic development discourse (like publications, seminars and conferences)