Fourth Industrial Revolution, Innovation & Sustainable Development of the Global South in Post-COVID-19 Era

This special issue focuses on the Fourth Industrial Revolution that builds on its predecessor (i.e. third industrial revolution), which entailed proliferation of computers and automation of record keeping. The themed issue is aimed to extend the frontiers of knowledge by soliciting quality contributions from academics and industry practitioners. It seeks how and why this new wave of transformation has potential to empower individuals and communities. by creating new opportunities for economic, social and personal development during and after COVID-19 pandemic which disrupted lives, livelihoods, communities, businesses and governance around the globe.


Theoretical, empirical or case-based papers that offer new insights into sustainable development from innovation and fourth industrial revolution are of interest – especially, the following sub-themes:

  1. Entrepreneurship, Small & Medium Enterprises and Fourth Industrial Revolution in the ‘Next Normal’.
  2. Marketing Practices, Quality Service Delivery and Sustainable Development in the ‘New Normal’.
  3. Post COVID-19 Regional Integration and Sustainable Development.
  4. Post COVID-19 Gender Equality, Innovation and Sustainable Development.
  5. Post COVID-19 Africa’s Industrial Sector and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
  6. Internet of Things and Environmental Stability in the ‘Next Normal’.
  7. Artificial intelligence, human-machine interactions and robotics
  8. Democratic Governance and Sustainable Development in the ‘Next Normal’.
  9. Communication and Agenda Setting in the Post COVID-19 era.
  10. Post COVID-19 Policy and Regulations Implementation in the Macroeconomic Environment.
  11. Post COVID-I9 Technological Trends in Economics, Business, Entrepreneurship, Accounting and Finance.
  12. Security Management, Peace, Conflict Resolution and Integration of Internally Displaced Persons in the “New Normal”.
  13. Scientific Innovation and Sustainable Development in the Post COVID-19 Era.

Thus, this Special Issue calls for papers covering the above sub-themes (and other related areas) that innovatively address issues in the interactions between Fourth Industrial Revolution and sustainable development in Africa and the global south. The editors, therefore, welcome original articles, including quantitative or qualitative studies, case studies, and critical reviews, dealing with sub-themes from a multidisciplinary analytical/theoretical framework.

Submission information

Manuscripts should follow the instructions for electronic submission of papers to International Social Science Journal (ISSJ) using the online submission system. Authors are to follow the guidelines prescribed by ISSJ and should indicate that they wish their manuscripts (between 6000 & 8000 words) to be reviewed for inclusion in the Special Issue. The editors of this Special Issue would be happy to review the plans for papers in advance of their receipt.

For a review of the manuscript by the editors before submission on ISSJ, send the manuscript to

The closing date for submitting papers is November 27, 2020

Click here to download the information for this call for paper.

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