CEPDeR Seminar Series

The Teacher-Student Knowledge Exchange (TSKE) perspective is a theoretical position first established in the seminal research of Ibidunni et al. (2020) to demonstrate a process-based approach to knowledge creation and application in organizations. Yet, there remains an existing gap in understanding institutions’ formative roles, primarily through policy formulation, alongside other relevant contingent factors and actors towards directing TSKE in practical ways that can guide its implementation, especially in HEIs. Therefore, the focus of this study is to advance the novel TSKE theoretical perspective by conceptualizing a model that can guide HEI policymakers and practitioners about the relational linkages among antecedent factors, institutions, and human actors that should drive knowledge creation and application in HEIs. The study proposes a qualitative research design – conceptual review approach – to achieve the research objective. This study formulated a conceptual model to show the combination of factors and agents pivotal to cultivating highly employable graduates in HEIs based on the TSKE theory.

DATE: 28, JANUARY, 2021

TIME: 1;30PM WAT (GMT +1)


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