Town and Gown Seminar Series

When the Covid-19 pandemic broke out, children who lived in the underserved communities of Nigeria could not learn due to the digital divide and this created a learning loss for the children. Aramide shares her story in this seminar on how she has leveraged her knowledge as an economist to bring about change in the Nigerian education sector – one child at a time. It includes a summary of the obstacles she faced as a young person navigating this sector and how she was able to create impact irrespective of the situations that posed as challenges on her journey. With this seminar, Aramide hopes to spur the audience to see that the human capital aspect of Economics is integral to reviving the Nigerian economy, especially through the provision of access to quality education to every child irrespective of their socio-economic background.

About the Presenter

Aramide Kayode is the founder of Talent Mine Academy, a non-profit that provides access to quality education and better opportunities for kids in low-income communities. She is a first class graduate of Economics from Covenant University and an alumnus of the prestigious Harvard Graduate School of Education. Her work in the education space has been featured on numerous national and international platforms, including Malala Fund, Global Partnership for Education, Global Citizen, The Guardian, amongst others. She is an author of two books: 20 lessons I learnt at age 20 and Diary of a 19-year-old teacher (her memoir). She hopes that one day, every child will be able to access quality Education irrespective of their socio economic background.